Get talking is a British Council website. It has been created for teachers who would like simple phrases they can use in the English classroom. Using examples from lessons where teachers use English for different stages such as to give instructions, start a lesson and say goodbye, the interactive videos are also supported with examples from trainers. The downloadable resources help teachers with more examples. 

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In India, we are recognised for our network of three libraries and cultural centres. We also manage prestigious scholarships and training awards, including the GREAT scholarships, the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship, and the Charles Wallace India Trust, and Hornby scholarships. Our Teaching Centres in Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi provide a range of general and business English courses, specialised skills based programmes, and courses for young learners. We work with a wide range of Indian partners in cities all over India enabling British and Indian experts to meet and collaborate and to nurture mutually beneficial relationships. 


If you have any questions or feedback about Get talking, please write to us at TeachEnglish.India@britishcouncil.org.